Welcome to Base Alpha

Base Alpha is a USA based educational toy company, who specialize in the design and creation of learning toys for toddlers and young children. The mission of Base Alpha is to develop a life-long love of learning by promoting early exposure of educational material in a fun, enjoyable way.

Base Alpha was built on the foundation created by a simple product: Alpha Balls. Alpha Balls is a set of 26, six-inch, beach balls, each with the letter of the alphabet to encourage ABC learning while playing ball. The Alpha Balls set comes with one pump and one mesh bag to carry all 26 inflated balls.

Alpha Balls was inspired by Co-Founder Josephine Firat and her son. When little Joseph was only 12 months, she realized his love for all sorts of sports balls. He would play with basketballs, soccer balls, beach balls, nerf balls, and many more. She purchased a set of 26 small beach balls and used a sharpie marker to make the very first Alpha Ball set by hand. Joseph could recognize all of the letters of the alphabet at 18 months and all of the lower case letters by 20 months. The best part was that Joseph had fun learning. Firat received many requests for a set of Alpha Balls, so she partnered up with great friends to create Base Alpha, LLC.


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