January 8, 2015 – Welcome to Alpha Balls!

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Educators!

Welcome to the Base Alpha Blog. Kristin here, one of the co-owners of Base Alpha, LLC. Our blog will be a way for you to learn more about our company and products, and it will serve as a way for us to hear from our customers how much you enjoy your Alpha Balls.

Here is short story on how Base Alpha came to be. It all started with an idea Josephine (one of our co-owners/founders as well) came up with to find a fun and creative way to teach her son, Joseph, letters of the alphabet. Joseph loves playing with balls, so she decided to get some balls of her own and put letters on there. It immediately caught his attention and he had fun when learning the letters, while also getting to play with them. One of Joseph’s closest buddies, Cash (which happens to be my son), started playing with the balls and learning the letters with him at playdates. This became the idea of beginning Alpha Balls by Base Alpha, LLC!!

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