Hello Parents, Teachers, and Educators!

Thank you for choosing Alpha Balls by Base Alpha. Here are some activities you can do with your little ones:

  • Sound out the letter and the associated picture
  • Line the Alpha Balls up in alphabetical order
  • Separate the Vowel Alpha Balls from the Consonant Alpha Balls
  • Sort the Alpha Balls by color
  • Spell words out such as: CAT, DOG, HOUSE, BOAT, FUN, TIGER, BIRD, and LOVE, to name a few.
  • Spread the Alpha Balls out on an open surface. Call out a letter, and have your child find it.
  • Play catch with the balls, while having your child name the letter as he or she catches.
  • Bring your Alpha Balls to play dates or outside to the park.
  • Pick out several Alpha Balls, spell out a partial word, and have your child find the missing letter.
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